Little Vienna – Timisoara

Just by looking on the title name, some of the people may be surprised what is similar to one wealthy austrian city and one city in Romania. First of all, their history during the 19th century and Austrian empire, and later on Austro-Hungarian empire, as both cities were under the same King. Romanian Vienna is like little brother to older and bigger Austrian, as it has numerous buildings that look-alike. Most of architectural monuments in city center are built in Baroque and Art-Nouveau styles.

City center of Timisoara
City center of Timisoara

Like in all modern cities, center of the city is transformed into pedestrian area with a lot of cafes where you can sit and eat some of desert (ice cream is most recommended). Pedestrian area connects three main squares, where Unirii Square (Union Square) is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful of the city, dominated by the Catholic Cathedral and Serbian Orthodox Cathedral placed opposite to each other.

Serbian Orthodox church
Union Square with view on a Serbian Orthodox church

Timişoara is not all by old, but it has also modern buildings from which Iulius mall is most popular due to numerous shops with famous brands.  It is second largest Mall outside of Bucuresti with area of 66,500 sqm. During the EURO2016 football championship, outside the Mall organized a huge Tv for football fans.

Near the city center, behind the largest Orthodox Cathedral in Romania (it has 11 towers, of which the central and the highest has a height of 83.7 meters), there is riverside Bega which hosts couple of bars and it is really realxing place, with nearby Park of Roses.


Najvisa crkva Rumunije
Timișoara Orthodox Cathedral – highest in Romania

  Timişoara is really easy accessible both by car and plane. Unless you are planing to come to this lovely city from some of neighbouring countries, best way to travel Timişoara is by low-cost air company Wizz-air that connects some of the biggest airports in Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland and England.


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