1. Fantastic “small” cities to explore in Europe in 2015 – Brescia

  If you have visited all major cities in Europe, and still want to explore and do not know where to start, I will try to suggest a couple of destinations in few articles. All the articles will be based on expirience of locals, and the sights that locals like the most.

  First suggestion is visiting beloved Italy, and in it, a city in the northern region of Lombardy called Brescia. Lombardy is the richest region in Italy, and it is well-known as the region with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Apennine Peninsula. Brescia, as the second largest city in Lombardy after Milan, is not an exception. The complex of San Salvatore-Santa Giulia was added to the UNESCO List in 2011 as the serial site “Longobards in Italy. Places of the power (568-774 AD)” . 

  The complex of San Salvatore-Santa Giulia houses the local history museum, which is located inside the former monastery built in 753. The museum covers all periods from pre-history to the nineteenth century. The museum shows architectural elements from the Roman period to the present – the early medieval and Renaissance elements are particularly noteworthy.

  Piazza Duomo is a square where  both cathedrals  – Duomo Vecchio and Duomo Nuovo are placed next to each other. That allows you to see how church architecture developed as the old cathedral was built in 11th century, and the new one was finished in 1825.

Piazza Duomo (reposted from: http://viaggi.lastampa.it/)
reposted from http://www.turismobrescia.it/
Piazza Loggia (reposted from http://www.turismobrescia.it/)

  Piazza Loggia is the heart of the city. Visit the city centre and admire its main square while sitting in the bar and drinking cappuccino. Look around, and you will see the real Italy of 15th and 16th century through main square architecture.

  The Castle of Brescia is situated at the northeast part of the town, on top of Cidneo Hill (245 m). It has been built between the 13th and the 16th century and it is one of the largest castles in Italy. It is Brescians’ favorite recreational area with wonderful views.

   You just can not come to Italy, and not enjoy the food. Yeah, pasta is easy to cook, but the question is do you have all fresh ingredients in your market and do you know the right recipe? Well, local italians are proud of casoncelli  large ravioli stuffed with Parmigian cheese, spinach and eggs, as well as spiedo (spit-roasted beef) served with polenta and manzo all’olio (beef cooked in oil). Brescia also excels as the land of vines, which have been cultivated in the area since Roman times and have made the Brescia area the second most important wine producer in Lombardy.
   Special thanks to Enrico Andreoli  that helped with writing article about his hometown 🙂
  If you have some beautiful places to suggest, please do that in comment section below.

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