Prague – architecture and beer

        You are probably asking yourself why did I put architecture and beer in the main title. The answer is simple, both are excellent!

      I had the opportunity to enjoy both somewhere around mid-december. Prague was already decorated into Christmas spirit 🙂 On the main Old Town square there was big Christmas tree, and couple of ponies where all the kids were playing with these lovely animals. Streets were full of tourists despite the cold wind and temperature.

     Everywhere in the streets you could get hot wine to warm up, and taste traditional cake (sweet pastry) called trdlenik. This tasteful pastry originally comes from Transylvania, but it is culinary heritage of Hungaria, Slovakia, as well as Romania. Among these outdoor food, Prague is full of restaurants. My friends and I ate couple of times at a restaurant called U Dvou Sester, which is located near the center and has excellent food, from czech traditional to italian pasta at a reasonable prices. Food is good, but beer is even better! My friends and I tasted every time the different czech beer, and we never got disappointed! I am not going to name any, just try every each and one, and give your judgment. I can suggest bar named U Vejvodu, has really god prices, beer is just over 2 euros!

     If you are on a low-budget, I suggest going to a hotel that is not in the center. I am completely confident that you can get by metro into center for 15, 25 minutes from any location in Prague. You can buy a 4euro all-day ticket, and you can ride with metro, bus or tram if you like to.

     I am not going to describe each any every tourist sight, you got to come and see it yourself. You will be amazed by architecture and buildings built way back in the 12 century.

    If I get a chance, I would certainly come again to Prague just to  walk and enjoy.



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