Marseille – mixture of cultures

When you hear about Marseille, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is beautiful Mediterranean Sea! Awesome blue water and wonderful blue sky will give you desire to visit this destination.

Marseille is the second largest city, right after the City of Light. Maybe it is not the biggest, but it is definitely the oldest city in France. Due to it s excellent position on the coast, Marseille was one of the important trading centers. Greek had their settlements here around 600 years BC.

Diversity – best definition of todays population of a city! French, italian, greek, jews, Armenian, Moroccan, Tunisian, and many more all live here in harmony. All this people brought and kept their culture and tradition. You can definitely see this trough lovely food!

Marseille is easy accessible from all parts of Europe, by train TGV (high-speed train, goes up to 400km/h). From Paris to Marseille, it takes you only 3h, a distance of 775km!

Some of the best attractions:

1. Unité d’Habitation: designed by famous Le Corbusier. The building is called “la maison du fada” (the house of the foolish) by local people. The building contains a shopping street, a church, a children’s school and housing. You can access the roof and enjoy the breathtaking view of Marseille between hills and sea (10am-6pm). There is a bar/restaurant/hotel on the 3rd floor too.

2.Le Panier. Panier means basket in French, but in Marseille it is the name of the oldest area of the town. In the middle of this area there is the Vielle Charité, a wonderful old monument, now hosting museums and exhibitions.

3. la Corniche: a walkway and a road by the sea that provides lovely views of the sea, the Chateau d’If to the south, and les Calanques to the east.


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